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Syniverse is the world’s most connected company, revolutionizing how businesses connect, engage, and exchange with their customers. For decades, we’ve delivered the innovative software and services that transform mobile experiences and power the planet. Our secure global network reaches almost every person and device on Earth. Our communications platform is industry-recognized as the best of its kind. And each year, we process over $35 billion in transactions, revolutionizing how goods and services are exchanged. Which is why the most recognizable brands — nearly every mobile communications provider, the largest global banks, the world’s biggest tech companies, and thousands more — rely on us to shape their future. Thank you for connecting with Syniverse on LinkedIn. Our LinkedIn page is designed to be an environment where members can engage in respectful and encouraging conversation. All comments – whether in agreement or not – are welcomed and encouraged to foster lively conversation. Accordingly, when responding to a post, we ask that you keep your response respectful, and while we may not be able to monitor every post, please be aware that we reserve the right to remove posts and all material deemed inappropriate, at our discretion. This includes, but is not limited to, abusive, threatening, offensive, hateful, derogatory, spam, fraudulent, deceptive, disruptive, and marketing messages and content. Any violation of these rules may result in being banned, at our discretion.

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