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August 23, 2022
* International global firm with a hug amounts of clients|Ownership of App and build self-awareness in their industry About Our Client Our client is the digital innovation, transformation and consulting global business line of the cooperation, specialising in advising and supporting enterprises in significant transformation, from innovative strategy to execution and with an unstinting focus on value creation. Job Description * 负责产品从业务调研、需求分析到实现过程、产品发布的整体流程 Responsible for the overall process of the product from business research, demand analysis to implementation process and product release * 关注汽车行业及软硬件跨平台交互的最新行业趋势,独立完成市场分析和竞品调研的工作 Pay attention to the industry trends in the automotive industry and cross-platform interaction between software and hardware, and independently complete market analysis and competitive product research * 负责分析、深度挖掘用户需求,主导与制定APP端交互策略,设计移动端产品功能、流程,制作产品原型,编写产品需求文档 Responsible for analyzing and deeply mining customer demands, leading and formulating APP interaction strategies, designing mobile product functions and processes, making product prototypes, and writing product requirements documents * 协调产品功能、研发、运营落地全过程,整合资源,与协作部门保持良好沟通,及时跟踪开发进度,推进项目达成既定目标,保证落地质量 Coordinate the whole process of product function, R&D, operation and implementation, integrate resources, maintain good communication with the collaboration department, track the development progress in time, promote the project to achieve the established goals, and ensure the quality of the implementation * 负责APP端数据运营,挖掘新的用户需求,主导APP需求迭代和更新,改善APP用户体验 Responsible for APP-side data operations, mining new user needs, leading the iteration and update of APP requirements, and improving APP user experience The Successful Applicant * 本科及以上学历 Bachelor degree or above * 6年及以上工作经验,3年及以上C端产品相关工作经验 6 years and above work experience, 3 years and above related work experience in C-end products * 对移动端产品及体系有全面的认识,有成功的独立负责APP相关产品案例者优先 Have a comprehensive understanding of mobile products and systems, and have a successful independent case of APP-related products is preferred * 具备用户/业务敏感度、全局观、洞察力、创新思维,能够挖掘用户/行业潜在需求 Possess user/business sensitivity, overall view, insight, and innovative thinking, able to tap the potential needs of users/industry * 可独立完成较复杂类产品的相关调研、设计、分析与优化工作,高质量完成项目循环和迭代,并梳理沉淀相关经验方法 Can independently complete related research, design, analysis and optimization of more complex products, complete project cycle and iteration with high quality, and sort out relevant experience and methods * 有较强的数据分析能力,具备数据收集,整理,分析和能够详细准确的表达大量信息的能力; Strong data analysis ability, with the ability to collect, organize, analyze and express a large amount of information in detail and accurately * 有丰富的方案编写、技术讲解交流能力,有良好的语言和文字表达能力,擅长与客户沟通; Rich program writing, technical explanation and communication skills, good verbal and written expression skills, as well as the ability to communicate with clients and explain technical issues * 具备良好的责任感、执行能力、沟通能力、团队协作能力 Have a good sense of responsibility, execution ability, communication ability, teamwork ability What's On Offer * Diversity of thought fuels excellence and innovation Contact: Serena Yu Quote job ref: JN-082022-5714675
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