LC Product Manager 生命周期产品经理

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August 23, 2022
该职位来源于猎聘 Job Responsibilities 职责描述: * Working closely with CR sales team and Customer Care team, to facilitate the growth of the Lifecycle products business in China 与生命周期产品销售团队一起,不断提高生命周期产品的在中国区的销售业绩。 * Strategic planning for future development of LC Products and roadmap, including products on installed BHS Shanghai corrugators, BHS WHR corrugators and also non-BHS corrugators. 战略性规划生命周期产品线的发展和路线图,包括BHS上海瓦线、BHS德国瓦线以及非BHS瓦线。 * Technical solution providing, pricing strategy and sales arguments building up to meet market requirement of Lifecycle products. 根据市场需求提供生命周期产品的技术方案、价格方案和销售策略。 * Provide pre-sales support to the sales team on customer site, including introducing products, confirming requirements, negotiating specifications, etc.. 到客户端给予销售团队售前支持,包括向客户介绍产品、需求确认、规格方案洽谈等。 * Innovatively to develop best in the industry lifecycle products and total solutions to customer, by matching customer production status with BHS expertise. 根据客户生产实际情况和BHS的专业知识,创新性地开发行业最佳生命周期产品和完整解决方案。 * To Collect and feedback lifecycle products market information and competitive information in time so that the company can improve corresponding lifecycle products strategy 收集和分析市场信息和竞争信息,以便公司可以更有针对性地完善生命周期产品。 * Other tasks assigned by supervisor 主管布置的其他工作 Qualifition 任职要求: * Bachelor degree or above 本科学历或以上 * Good presentation and communication skills 出色的表达和沟通能力 * Able to work under pressure, with a strong sense of commercial and customer service, and spirit to succeed 能承受一定压力,有较强的商务和客户服务意识以及积极进取的精神。 * Minimum 5 years products service sales or technical experience in paper, packaging, converting machinery industry 至少5年造纸、包装或印刷设备行业产品、服务、销售或技术经验 * Good English skills in spoken and written 良好的英文书面及口头表达能力 * Familiar with Microsoft office 熟练使用微软办公软件
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