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August 23, 2022
Most roles at Skyscanner can be Full Time or Part Time, we look forward to discussing your preference. Our Product Managers are builders who love to create things and change the world through technology. They are skilled at the Why, the How and the What of making and iterating products to find market-fit. They support each other and help each other grow. They are not purely ‘organizers’, ‘sellers’ or ‘explorers’, though they are versed in all three dimensions. They are multi-facetted entrepreneurs who know how to generate insights, set direction, and get things done in tech & business. We’re looking for a Product Manager who has delivered results—launching new features, delivering performance step improvements, and challenging themselves and others to improve their skills. Naturally data-driven, they nevertheless cut through complexity to identify high impact opportunities and simple solutions. They act decisively on these insights and collaborate with colleagues in ways which inspire and motivate. Above all, they are in touch with the end user, working constantly to understand their pain-points and exceed their expectations. Expect Some Turbulence! Our approach to software development is unconventional. We do not have teams permanently dedicated to managing the various aspects of our products. There is no “Search team” or “Flights team”. We do not like top-down decision making (no ‘mini-CEOs’). We do not like pass-through management. What we value most is autonomy, nimbleness, and delivery of an integrated experience for our travellers. So as a team, we are organized into over 60 autonomous ‘squads’ that can change focus on a dime and join up to ‘swarm’ on our current top business goals. Our squads are empowered to make decisions and figure out for themselves how to tackle our biggest challenges. Our Product Managers will typically work with one or more squads to deliver a goal, then pick up other goals as the work progresses and priorities shift. Their squad ships daily, tests constantly, and tries to deliver real traveller value every week. This means we look for PMs who thrive on change and are constantly taking on new challenges.Whatever the challenge, our PMs: * Find the ‘why’ behind the traveller problem. * Solve for the whole picture – seeing their work through the traveller’s eyes, creating solutions for the entire experience, and thinking beyond its parts. * Work incredibly hard to keep things incredibly simple. * Use Lean approaches to break down big ideas into valuable pieces to deliver at fast pace. * Fail fast and fail often – until they don’t. Experience Required: * Product Manager experience at a fast-paced software company * Experience with user research and user experience design. * Understand technical architecture and infrastructure * Experience making hard, data-driven decisions (incl. A/B testing, User Testing, Analytics, Market Research, Competitor Analysis, Defining Metrics and KPIs) * Proven track record of managing multiple stakeholders, both internally and externally * Substantial experience developing impactful products * For more insight into Product at Skyscanner, check out our Product CPO’s blog on What Makes The Best Product People
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