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August 23, 2022
Business OverviewThe Rakuten Group has introduced a company system, which consists of five companies and nine divisions.Among them, we at Communications & Energy Company operate various businesses such as content-related, sports-related, and media business. This time, we are looking for a new product, "Rakuten Browser", which was newly launched by Communications & Energy Company. ※Please see Communications & Energy Company detail below※ Department Overview [Rakuten browser section]Through the "Rakuten Browser", we aim to provide new value in the browsing experience by multiplying the user's search behavior data with the Rakuten ID.Rakuten Browser is a new product just launched in 2021. It is expected that it will grow quickly, dynamically and globally, and be quickly established as the main business of the Rakuten Group.Since it is a new business, there are many changes and speedy response is required, but in the business area where attention is high and business expansion is high, we have experience in launching new products and businesses with excellent development members and business members. [Rakuten Browser Tech Team]By adding unique technological capabilities to new products, it is expected to grow rapidly as the Rakuten ecosystem in Japan and as the main business of the Rakuten Group overseas.Agile progress is essential, and it is possible to collaborate with diverse teams of development, business and products to experience and manage new function launches and internal and external technology integration. Why We HireIncreased staff due to business start-up and expansion Position Details- Has ownership of a specific product function and supports its development and release- Work with the product team to define the product vision and support the release of new products and features.- Definition of business requirements (planning of functions in line with sections and company strategies)- Creating and managing user stories- Communicate with developers and provide functions and products within the schedule- Analysis of available data and understanding of customer needs and market trends- Prioritization of new functions, implementation guidance, coordination with related parties- Creating support and training documents for internal and external users [Attractiveness of position]You can assign to a new project that is positioned as a major business within the Rakuten Group after joining the company.The Rakuten browser business has received a lot of attention within the company and can have a significant impact on the market.It is also expected that the business will be expanded widely within the Rakuten Group, and we will work in collaboration with multiple stakeholders.It is a perfect environment for those who want to improve their skills by engaging in new products, business start-ups, highly expandable business areas, and global businesses. [Team composition]We are currently recruiting business personnel, and currently we have about 10 members.Business planning: 2 peopleSales planning: 2 peopleService planning: 4 peopleMarketing / Promotion: 3 people Mandatory Qualifications- 3 years or more of product management experience in BtoB or BtoC- More than 3 years of experience in system development (whether web or app)- Strong communication ability and team spirit to collaborate with various stakeholders- Time management skills- Self-starter that allows you to work on your own- Japanese: Business level- English: Business level (because the development team is a remote team of different cultures) Desired Qualifications- Practical experience as a product marketing manager- Experience of collaborating with remote teams from different cultures- Knowledge about Web design- Experience managing product life cycle with E2E- Knowledge of market research, consumer behavior, and marketing methods- Knowledge and experience of project management tools such as JIRA- Knowledge of BtoC Web services and apps in the advertising business model- Business-level communication ability in English OthersWe may check your Japanese and English proficiency at the interview. #productmanager #developmentsupport
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