Product Manager, Rakuten Ichiba - EC Marketplace Development Department(ECMPD)

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August 23, 2022
Job Description Department Overview: As a product manager of products (functions) in Rakuten Ichiba, Japan’s one of the largest internet shopping malls, you will be responsible for propelling product development for sustainable growth of the product to ・provide entertainment of shopping for shoppers in Rakuten Ichiba ・ empower merchants in Rakuten Ichiba This includes continuous discussion with planning department, creative department to improve the product. Specifically, as a product manager of (WEB / Smartphone) products for shoppers and merchants, you will be responsible for product improvement by service requirement definition, KPI analysis, and so on. In this position you will be experienced to plan and launch Rakuten Ichiba by yourself, which is our core business. Position Why We Hire As a Product Manager, You Are Required Abilities Below. * Leadership to improve product. * Taking action following to the long term plan, not to focus on the short term plan. * User-centric mindset * Detecting the essence of the things * Good communication skills * Getting things done, negotiation skills and decision making We are looking for people who can demonstrate these skills and are willing to acquire them. Responsibilities As a product manager of products (functions) for shoppers and merchants in Rakuten Ichiba, you will be responsible for * clarifying business / system requirements from draft design from business department, and making product specification. * listing points to improve from various KPIs, and voice of shopper and merchant, and making product specification. * creating roadmap to improve the product, and managing backlogs. * propelling the project to take responsibilities above by communicating with all concerned, and making sure that being on the same page. You will join Rakuten Ichiba as a product manager of products (functions) , but you may have a chance to be a product manager of cross-company project as a part of the career path. In product management of Japan’s one of the largest products, you will be able to make huge impact on society with small improvement. Of course, you will make bigger impact with bigger improvement. In creating a product cooperate with other product managers in Rakuten Ichiba and other group company, and professionals and specialists from various area include business department, you will be able to broaden your knowledge and skills in various professional area. Besides, product managers and engineers belong to the same department and always have close communication in Rakuten Ichiba, so you will be able to lead flexible improvement. You surely will be able to make use of your previous experiences as an engineer as your strength as usual. Mandatory Qualifications * Communication skill to be on the same page with various stakeholders. * Ability to achieve to the goal over the difficulties. * Keep thinking to detect the essence of the things. * Sincerity to continuous improvement for the long-term goal. * 3+ years of requirement definition experience (not limited in internet services). Desired Qualifications * Experience of the product management in the internet service field. * Experience of KPI analysis and improvement of the product lead to the product growth. * Experience of maximization of user experience. * Knowledge and experience as an engineer in the internet service field. * Fundamental knowledge of e-commerce. Additional Information On English Qualification * TOEIC Score exceeding 600 (or a University Degree earned in an English-speaking country) * If no evidence is available to prove the qualifications denoted above, taking an IP test, organized by Rakuten, during selection process is required. * Japanese (Business Level or above) #engineer #producer #jobcategory02 #productmanager #jobsubcategory08 #commerce #organization01 #RakutenIchiba #servicename01 Languages Japanese (Overall - 4 - Fluent)
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