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August 23, 2022
Job Description: Product Manager, Residential Software Tesla’s mission is to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy. Residential Energy products are a critical component of this mission to generate, store and consume sustainable energy. With Solar Panels, Solar Roof, Powerwall, and home charging products working together in the residential ecosystem. The product team is the ‘voice of the customer’ and is responsible for the ownership experience across all residential products. To provide this experience we are tasked with working across many stakeholders to identify areas of the ownership experience that can be improved and enable strategic growth across the organization. We have a need for a Product manager who will focus on the Day 1 Experience, which includes how customers and partners get access to products (Registration) and that those products are working well, meeting the expectations of our customers (Installer Experience). What You’ll Do * Manage a roadmap of features and improvements in key areas of product registration and installer experience, minimizing the number of support touchpoints and improving tools for internal users providing support. * Be responsible for key metrics on the product scorecard which guide business priorities. * Work across engineering teams to deliver value in the form of new features and improved experiences. * Ensure that the impact of software changes is being realized by all stakeholders by delivering training, measuring, gathering feedback, and providing visibility for engineering teams. What You’ll Bring * Technical understanding of energy products such Solar Inverters, Battery Storage and Vehicle Charging. * Bachelor's degree in engineering or technical discipline * Be able to demonstrate a ‘customer first’ mentality and empathy with owners and installers. * Strong communication, presentation, and organizational skills
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