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August 23, 2022
This position requires English language ability. JD is available in English only. 本ポジションは日本語JDの用意がありません。 Introduction Our Mission Mercari has sought to expand overseas from the outset. This led us to enter the US market in 2014, the year after Mercari's founding. The US is home to people of diverse backgrounds, of many different races, nationalities, and religions. Laws and culture also differ from state to state. Growing our US service requires grappling with complex problems and issues. This is exactly why we think of the US as a microcosm for our future global expansion. It's an extremely important country for us, where we cannot afford to fail. While this makes it much more difficult than our Japan-side operations, our US business contributes greatly to achieving Mercari's mission, and we will continue to face the challenges of the US market going forward. Our Culture To achieve our mission at Mercari, our organization and each of our employees share the same values and perspectives. Our individual guidelines for action are defined by our three values: Go Bold, All for One, and Be a Pro. Our organization is also shaped by our four foundations: Sustainability, Diversity & Inclusion, Trust & Openness, and Well-being for Performance. Regardless of how big Mercari gets, the culture will remain essential to achieving our mission and something we want to preserve throughout our organization. We invite you to read the "Mercari Culture Doc," which summarizes the behaviors and mindset shared by Mercari and its employees. We continue to build an environment where all of our members of diverse backgrounds are accepted and recognized, and where they can thrive while holding dear Mercari's culture. What You'll Do Position Overview * Work towards ensuring our customers have a safe shopping experience, whilst meeting recognized industry standards, and ensuring that when things do go wrong - we're on it! * Drive product development from concept to launch with a team of engineers, designers and data scientists, by rallying your team towards shared goals, which are kept in sync and recognised by key stakeholder partner teams * Integrate usability research and market analysis into product strategy and requirements definition, to solve real user problems. Conduct or facilitate discovery workshops to validate if we're building the right product, and building it right * Define key metrics to inform decisions and judge the success of your products, by collaborating with our business intelligence team * Build for scale as we add millions of users and listings, collaborating with data engineering to build modern, comprehensive data pipelines that are leveraged in multiple products and tools * Understand Mercari's strategic and competitive position and deliver products that are recognized as best in the industry, while sharing a vision that will help up us get recognised as one of the top marketplaces to buy and sell in the long run * Work closely with partners in business development, legal, compliance, risk and finance teams to align priorities and build a product roadmap Unique Challenges * You will work with a great team based in Tokyo, and also collaborate with many teammates across the US. Working globally with a diverse team, we're all-in to help people in the US buy and sell on Mercari, while getting ready for whatever comes next * At Mercari, we are focused not just on improving our service for our users, but also on expanding our perspective and adopting new ways of thinking. In this context, our product managers must not only possess knowledge of engineering, but also an eye for trends/user needs and the ability to turn those opportunities into concrete business plans Minimum Requirements * Shared understanding and belief in Mercari Group mission and values * 2+ years product management experience * Strong communication, organizational and analytical skills * Experience in scalable systems architecture, preferably including mobile applications Preferred Requirements * Business-level English, both written and verbal * Degree in computer science or hands-on experience developing software * Experience getting things done in a startup environment * Hands-on experience with data analytics and SQL * Experience working with any of the following is highly valued: marketplaces, trust and safety, security, customer operations, risk, payments Screening Criteria * Please provide your resume in English * We will conduct interviews in English * Hiring Process Overview (subject to change) * 1. Resume Screening * 2. Interviews (3-4 rounds. There are some cases you will meet a few members in 1 round) * 3. Background check * 4. Offer * 5. Hire * *Check here for more details Language Requirements * English: Proficient (CEFR - C1) required * Japanese: Basic (CEFR - A2) optional * Click here for more information about CEFRRelated Articles * Mercari US CEO John Lagerling's views on a Mercari-like organization and people * "Our Focus on Users" and "All for One Spirit": The Story Behind the Growth of Mercari USWorking Conditions Employment Status Full-time * Probationary period: First 3 months after joining the company. (During this period your contract conditions will be the same as that of a permanent employee.)Office Roppongi * Smoking is prohibited within our offices * Mercari has introduced a work style policy called "Your Choice." Each member is free to choose whether they want to work in the office or work fully remote. *Exceptions made for certain kinds of work.Work Hours * Full flextime (no core time) * Does not apply to all positionsHolidays * Two days off per week (as well as national holidays, New Year's break, etc.) * Paid leave, congratulatory and bereavement leave, relax days, sick leaveSalary * Annual salary paid in 12 monthly installments (including fixed overtime allowance) * Based on skills, experience, and abilities * Reviewed twice a year Benefits * Complete health and social insurance * Incentive program * Support systems, including those that benefit employee family members * Language learning support * Translation/interpretation support * See this page for details.Support * Relocation Support * See this page for details.Media Corporate Sites * Mercari, Inc. * Merpay, Inc. [Japanese] * Souzoh, Inc. * Mercoin, Inc. [Japanese] * Merlogi * Mercari USOwned Media * Mercari Careers * Mercari Engineering Portal * Mercan - Introduces the people that make Mercari * Mercari US Careers * Mercari US Blog
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