Senior coding instructor / NoCode LowCode - FULL REMOTE

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August 25, 2022
Who we are WeSchool is the leading Italian EdTech Company. We are on a mission to ensure learning never stops, our goal is to empower educators and students, and encourage them to innovate learning by making it more inclusive, collaborative and engaging. What's in for you In the quest to ensure learning never stops, we are focusing our efforts on producing two awesome courses on Web3 and Nocode/Lowcode software development. As a senior coding instructor you will be working with our most senior team members to create the best Nocode/Lowcode introductory software development course out there. You will be partnering with our senior instructional designer to define the syllabus/curriculum for the course and design each content item. You will be leveraging all the powerful features of our platform to craft and deliver an immersive Bootcamp to a limited group of selected participants. You will also be contributing to building the course management team, including staff (TAs, tutors etc), and will be overseeing content creation and delivery. You must be very familiar with all aspects of software development, you have some relevant working experience related to education and sharing/spreading the love for creating awesome digital products, lastly, you should have a good understanding of the nocode/lowcode landscape of philosophies, approaches, and tools. About you Basic Qualifications * 3+ years of professional experience in software development, ideally in a technical project management role * 3+ years of professional experience in education, spreading the love for software development * Good ground knowledge of the main nocode paradigms, tools, and platform * Good understanding of web architecture * Basic understanding of data structures and database * Good understanding of business logic development * Basic understanding of UX/UI best practices and development processes * Ability to attract, hire and inspire team members * Some experience in managing/dealing with remote staff * Ability to advocate for and facilitate continuous improvement and learning * Strong communication (synchronous and asynchronous) skills, both written and oral, and the ability to interface with cross-functional teams * Native English speakers or C1 level Preferred Qualifications * Experience in building software applications * Work experience in software education companies delivering online/blended learning experiences About Us We have recently closed a Series A funding round to scale technology and enter new markets. We provide an online classroom collaboration e-learning platform developed in-house by our Tech team that has enabled 1.7M (20% of) Italian students not to miss school - the other 2 platforms were Google and Microsoft - and to amplify their learning experience by leveraging digital tools during the outbreak of the pandemic in 2020. We are a young, fast-growing, and fast-paced team, that values collaboration and innovation as keys to reaching our mission. Our company is home to almost 50 full-time employees. And we plan to double our team in 2022 to push on our international growth with a full-remote first and objective-based approach. We gather teams of experts from instructional design, software engineering, course development, educational video production, web marketing, teacher & student engagement.
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