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August 23, 2022
🥷🏻 About Us We are a stealth-mode company on a mission to provide high-net-worth (HNW) families and individuals with investment solutions, operational support, and education that helps them accumulate and preserve wealth in the New Economy. After family and health, wealth is the third most important area in the life of a person. Yet existing solutions provide an emotionless experience with meaningless tables and charts and a backwards-looking view. We want to provide our clients with an opportunity to engage with their wealth on a deeper that unveils a feeling of security, confidence, and resilience. We have been experimenting on this since 2020, and have brought along numerous customers - wealthy families and entrepreneurs - on this journey with us. While we are in the very beginning, we are passionate and excited about building a company that will set a new standard for the outdated private banking industry. 🎟 About The Role After spending countless hours with our customers and existing players in the industry, we have gained a strong understanding of the product and are ready to kick off the development. We are building a wealth management platform targeting HNW families and individuals with a hybrid advisory, bankless infrastructure, and focus on new and alternative asset classes. We act as an independent partner to our clients who augments their existing portfolios of bankable assets with a managed portfolio of alternative strategies (e.g. Venture Capital, Crypto, Hedge Funds, etc.) and provides a technology overlay for holistic and forward-looking management of their aggregated wealth. You will hold a crucial position in the company to ensure that the voice of the customer remains strong within the company. In your role as a Senior PM, you will come up with the product vision, bind engineering, sales & marketing, and create outcomes for the business while also delighting customers. This is a cross-functional role as you will sit at the intersection of building great products and messaging them into the public consciousness. Tasks 🚅 🚀 What You'll Achieve * You will partner with engineers to set clear priorities, determine the product roadmap, and execute predictably * You will deploy the first versions of the product to existing and new customers * You will hold a lot of customer discussions to determine the Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) that has enough potential customers that we can efficiently bring in * You will lead marketing activities as well as jump in toward the bottom of the sales funnel - i.e. join sales calls and meetings - to help close deals Requirements 🚀 🤝 🌐 Your Profile * You have the social skills to sit with real-life potential and actual customers and deeply get to know their functional and emotional needs * You are technical enough to know what features are possible and can then list and prioritize a set of features that will save customers’ deepest problems * You can paint a clear picture for engineers of the actual values of the features being developed and clearly communicate the endpoint * You are well familiar with market research, pricing, product marketing, marketing communications, and advertising * You are a great communicator with a great understanding of what drives people * You are young spirited, energetic, and optimistic 📊 🌐 Skills You'll Need to Bring * You have experience working in a PM role for a FinTech scale-up / large company with lots of cross-functional work * You can map out wireframes and specifications for each feature so that the engineering team has a visual and functional picture of what they need to build * You can measure and understand data to effectively prove the product and marketing strategy is working and creating a strong ROI * You are familiar with the regulatory and compliance limitations and able to find workarounds for continuous product delivery * Additionally, you are able to do project management work, i.e. building schedules, running standups, publishing product requirements and coordinating releases Benefits 🤝 Your Compensation Package * Lead by example, get your hands dirty and the job done with an amazing team * We will offer you an attractive compensation package with a fixed and a variable compensation incentive tied to business outcomes as well as equity * Within a year, you will have the opportunity to become a Head of Product Please note that we are planning to fill this position from Dec 2022 / Jan 2023.
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